Point of Sales

The Point of Sale (POS) module, which is powered by Odoo software, is a comprehensive software solution that enables businesses to manage their retail operations seamlessly, offering features like inventory management, real-time sales tracking, and a user-friendly interface for efficient customer transactions. AppsComp is the best Odoo software implementation company in Coimbatore.

We are one of the top 5 POS software providers in Coimbatore. POS modules include POS KOT Order Print, Dining Option in POS, POS Bill Deletion Prevention, POS Bill Reprint, POS Fixed Discount, POS Image in Dashboard, POS Kitchen Dashboard, POS Product and Quantity, POS Product Summary Report, POS Sales Report in Excel, POS Table Restrictions, POS Waiter, Table Merge in POS, and so forth. AppsComp provides the best POS software in Coimbatore.

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