Ayudha Pooja (23-10-2023)

Ayudha Pooja, a revered festival in Tamil Nadu, is a sanctified occasion observed across households and workplaces. During this event, tools, vehicles, and machinery integral to various professions are ritually worshipped, symbolizing gratitude and seeking blessings for their optimal functionality. This auspicious ceremony is particularly significant for vehicles, shops, and the workforce, encompassing a diverse array of occupations. Ayudha Pooja underscores the acknowledgment of the tools and equipment as essential companions in our professional endeavors. This practice serves as a unifying cultural tradition, fostering respect and appreciation for the instruments that contribute to our daily lives in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Onam is an annual harvest festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is a holiday that is particularly dear to Keralites because it is also a cultural spectacle that draws people together to celebrate their shared culture, customs, and unity. Onam traditionally lasts ten days and occurs in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August–September).

KCLAS (22-04-2023)

Team AppsComp had a great day of learning at Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science (KCLAS) on April 22 2023. Thanks to Team KCLAS Dr. Vijila Edwin Kennedy Dr.Nanjan Balu for organizing a phenomenal program which opened up a different dimension of thinking for our team mates. Soft Skills combined with Life Skills equips a person to excel in whatever they do.