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Odoo Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) Software

odoo plm

odoo plm

Customers look for quality products and choose companies that consistently supply the best. A brand with good ratings and high customer satisfaction leads the race.

Manufacturing companies put immense effort before creating products. Research and analysis help managers decide on the perfect combination of quality, affordability, and consistency.

Every manufacturing company goes through a Odoo Product Lifecycle for each of its products. The products can range from computers, cars, aircraft, machinery, packaged goods, fashion, pharma, etc.

Let's look at the three stages of a Product Lifecycle -

Beginning of Life (BOL): It is the product's beginning stage, which includes manufacturing design, planning, and prototype creation. You can divide the process into stages, sub-stages, etc. It helps you keep track of your ideas and product creation.

Middle of Life (MOL): The end of the BOL stage is when a product is manufactured and used by a consumer. The next stage is the MOL where the user can give you feedback on your product. You can use this information to revise your product, and fix errors.

End of Life (EOL): At the end of the product's lifetime, they are recycled, retired, or disposed of. You can choose to get back product parts from consumers at this stage.

Here's where a PLM comes into place

Having software manage these stages of product lifecycle efficiently is key to business success. Customer satisfaction increases tremendously when product manufacturing is done right. Without a Odoo PLM system in place, achieving quality standards and customer satisfaction is difficult.

Odoo PLM Software is the best solution for product lifecycle management. It helps companies optimize their sales channel and improve customer experiences. With integration among departments, it facilitates communication. You can use Odoo Implementation Services to increase upselling and cross-selling activities.

With Odoo being an open-source platform, it gives an enterprise the option to expand and innovate. Customizing the PLM software according to your needs is possible with Odoo ERP. Make the most of the various plug-ins available in Odoo to maximize your profits and customer satisfaction.

Features of Odoo PLM:
  • Manage Engineering Change Orders with ease in real-time. Using enterprise social networks, employees can easily communicate across departments. With a centralized location for documents, information is consistent at all times.
  • Manage different versions of BoM by working on them parallelly. You can make changes to each version and save only the differences. It makes it easier to track changes over a period of time.
  • An integrated Document Management system is a vital element in the PLM. You can pass information to manufacturing and attach your documents directly to BoMs.
  • It is fully integrated with Odoo modules like Manufacturing, Maintenance, Purchase, and Quality.
Advantages of Odoo Product Lifecycle Management System:
  1. Odoo PLM optimizes the product lifecycle decreasing the time-to-market gap.
  2. A central information hub results in seamless communication among departments and teams, reducing errors and mismanagement.
  3. With optimized PLM comes reduced operational costs, increased performance, and profitability.
  4. The integrated concept of Odoo helps to bring down the cost of added software and maintenance. Since it is modular in structure, you can choose as few or as many individual apps as you like to suit your business needs.

With Odoo, you can keep track of your data from anywhere with centralized, online information. The open-source nature of Odoo ERP lowers your software cost while providing you with an up-to-date application. Improvements to the software happen regularly, and this reflects in the solutions you implement. Clients have used Odoo to their advantage and seen a drastic change.

SMEs and Enterprise business clients find Odoo ERP Development suitable as it reduces the implementation time and cost. Businesses use it as a stand-alone application or as an integrated feature. There are many business modules to choose from that will meet your requirement.

Why choose AppsComp to implement Odoo PLM?

We are an Odoo Partner company, and our team at AppsComp is capable of giving you a clear understanding of how Odoo can change your business model. We have a trained team of developers with vast experience in Odoo implementation. Our global clientele has seen great success in their business as a result of using Odoo.

We can customize Odoo according to your business needs. Once you choose the various apps, we create an integrated solution that is quick to launch and implement. Businesses that have an ERP system can integrate it easily. AppsComp helps with implementation and problem-solving. Our dedicated team is available for queries and help with business solutions.

Feel free to contact us and get your business on the right track. Please drop in a line at [email protected].