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Optimize Sales with Odoo
June 29, 2022

Make your real-estate business boom with Odoo

Odoo for real estate 1

Odoo for real estate 1

Most real-estate companies tend to stick to the brick-and-mortar structure rather than dive into the digital world. This approach reduces their reach and sales figures.

With Odoo erp implementation software, real-estate companies can do booming business as it handles quick sales, avoids middlemen, and ensures smooth business transactions.

Odoo ERP is one such software that helps increase online sales. It is an open-source platform with integrated modules that cater to Inventory, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Websites, Human Resources, etc. The open-source framework of Odoo gives you a huge advantage in terms of up-to-date technology. It has a community of developers that create an ever-evolving repository of plug-ins to suit all business needs.

Let's look at why you need Odoo ERP Services for your real-estate business.

First, here are some of the problems that you may be facing without software in place:

  • Keeping track of all projects: It can be a herculean task to keep track of all available, upcoming, and completed projects to showcase to your clients. It can lead to missing out on closing a deal, deadlines, etc. You can lose a lot of business this way. A Paper trail of this information is just not the way forward for any growing business.
  • Managing Property information: Every property you seek has its own data. Keeping all this information on paper slows down your workflow. When customers ask for information pertaining to a property, they expect quick answers.
  • Customer service: Handling customer calls for various properties can get overwhelming. Some may be calling for a simple answer to a query. Each of these calls can take up a lot of your/your staff's time. Better management of customer calls gives faster deal closings.
  • Managing finance: Without software in place, finance information can be daunting. Human errors are sure to creep in, and this can put your business at a standstill. For finance, it is always better to use the software.
So, how does Odoo ERP Development help you achieve your business goals?

Project management: Odoo lets you make a note of all the projects and their details. There is provision to enter parameters like area, price per sq ft, location, amenities, etc. You can include images to give your customers a visual idea of the property they are looking for. Apart from the ongoing projects, you can also display upcoming projects, so your customers can have prior knowledge of the space available. It gives them time to decide and close a deal. Odoo ERP Development Services also gives you search options and filtering choices to narrow down leads and properties based on parameters.

Finance management: With Odoo and its integrated modules, it is easy to keep track of your finances. The Odoo Accounting app saves you time and effort with a fantastic user interface. With an easy setup, you are ready to go in no time. It saves time on data entry, so you don't need to create invoices manually, or send printed copies across. You can sync your bank statements with your bank automatically to further save time. The Accounting app easily creates customer invoices and supports multiple, advance, and part payments. Sort your business needs with online payment gateway options. Keep track of overdue payments and use automated follow-up letters for customers. Get reports on your business transactions with options to filter, annotate, zoom, and compare data.


Managing employees' expenses is a task for any organization. It includes their travel expenses, office supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses. With the Odoo Expenses app tracking, all this information is simple yet efficient. It lets you create receipts and expense submissions quickly. Accountants in charge of the finances can record final data and process them. The Expenses app fully integrates with Employees, Project, and Invoicing apps.

Customer Experience

A Live Chat option in the app gives your customers quick replies to their queries. It helps save time and effort for both you and your customers. It also leads to quick deal closures. With Odoo ERP Development you can also let customers add in their reviews and feedback for the property they have bought. It lets potential customers make decisions better.

Why choose AppsComp?

AppsComp is a premier software and services company. Our cost-effective and quality services have been a success for our clients. We provide customized solutions based on the client's needs. With a cumulative experience of 20+ years in all the verticals, we provide quality service every time.

Implementing Odoo for your business is a smart move. So, take the next step and give your business that edge today.

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