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May 10, 2022
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Reasons to Choose WordPress for a Professional Website

Wordpress Post 2

Wordpress Post 2

The business world has changed since the pandemic broke in 2020. There's a stark difference in the way companies conduct their business now. Companies know the power of the internet.

We see an increase in the number of online stores. Websites, e-stores, and blogs bring in more customers and increase sales. The potential to reach customers far and wide is immense. Companies have realised that physical location does not have to be a constraint to growth.

Another factor in this growth is the customer relationship. Building a rapport with your customer is crucial today to keep sales going and increase the customer base. For this, you need a robust system to handle the growth of your online business. It should be affordable and easy to use.

WordPress is the answer to your situation. It is the best Content Management System today that is popular among most internet website builders.

Let's look at how WordPress can help businesses of any size.

  1. You own your website: Unlike most site builder platforms, WordPress lets you own your website. It includes all the files, database, theme files, etc. The advantages are you can change your hosting platform whenever required and give ownership to others in case of sales. It is one of the popular reasons for choosing WordPress.
  2. Quick and user-friendly: The reason why WordPress is so popular is because of its user-friendly dashboard. It lets you manage your website, add new content, edit posts, preview your work, etc. The many templates that WordPress offers are perfect for different types of business websites.
  3. Customizable: WordPress gives you the power to fully customize the content and functionality of your website while making the experience unique. Build business websites, blogs, or e-Commerce stores. As WordPress is open-source, the abundance of contributors helps make website functionality superior. You are sure to find the correct solution for your problem always.
  4. Plug-ins: The beauty of WordPress lies in its several plug-ins for various business problems. It is easy to find the right plug-in suitable for your needs. Another feature is integration. As most businesses already have some software applications running on their systems, WordPress makes it easy to integrate with the online system. It also has plug-ins for creating an e-store to help bring in more sales and revenue.
  5. SEO-friendly: It is not enough to build a business website and engage with customers. You need to optimize the content on your website, including the links and images. Search engines like Google, and Bing look for keywords in your website's content to list it on the SERP. It increases your website's ranking on a search engine page and pulls more customers to your store. WordPress is SEO friendly with built-in SEO tools. Yoast SEO is the most popular of the SEO plug-ins used by builders.
  6. Community support: WordPress is open-source, and the many contributors to the community help it stay popular. New plug-ins and themes designed by the contributors add to the functionality of your website. Any problem is solvable with the help of the community.
  7. Security: Any online transaction or exchange of information online must be secure. Customers will only buy products from genuine websites having all security parameters. WordPress comes with built-in plug-ins for payment gateways, keeping your transactions safe.
  8. Optimized speed: We all want things quick. Most users will wait upto three seconds for a website to load. If it doesn't load in that time, they will leave the site and choose the next. So, it is crucial to optimize your website for speed. WordPress has plug-ins to optimize images that can slow down load time.
  9. Mobile-ready: Mobile apps are the second-best tool for any enterprise. With a mobile platform used by all customers worldwide, you stand a chance to interact with your potential clients. You can reply to queries on the go, publish a post, or update your site right from your mobile device effortlessly. Being 100% mobile responsive, you are able to reach customers quicker and increase sales

Now that you know the features of WordPress, the next step would be to get in touch with a software service provider.

AppsComp is a premium software and service provider with global clients. We have created several unique websites with WordPress as its base. Our team of developers creates unique WordPress plug-ins to suit your specific business needs. We handle all security and content updations to keep your website running smoothly.

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