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May 25, 2022
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June 9, 2022

Ramp up your Restaurant Chain with Odoo POS

Odoo POS 2

Odoo POS 2

Running a successful restaurant needs great food, great ambiance, and friendly staff. It also requires robust operations software to be efficient.

An Odoo ERP system works wonders and cohesively manages the running of the business. Choosing the proper software application for your restaurant business is key to success.

Restaurant Odoo POS application is one such software that is popular today. A retail chain or a restaurant can use the Point of Sale app to run operations and conduct business smoothly. Restaurants have seen a jump in sales with the Point of Sale app.

Let's Understand Odoo

Odoo ERP Software is an open-source technology considered the best in the industry. It is a suite of apps that take care of every business need. From e-Commerce, CRM, billing, manufacturing, accounting, project management, inventory management, and warehouse, Odoo has an app. The best part about Odoo is you can fully integrate the individual modules to best suit your business.

One of the popular Odoo Apps is the Odoo Point-of-Sale. It is perfect for shops and restaurants that need a user-friendly sales operation management system. With a quick setup option and numerous features, Odoo POS is the choice of many. The graphical interface is perfect for restaurant owners.

Odoo Restaurant Point of Sale Features:

Let's look at some of the features of the Odoo POS application that makes it so popular.

Table Management: As mentioned, the graphical interface gives you an overview of the restaurant floors and tables. It helps you find your customers and free tables available on each floor in real-time.

Use the graphical interface to create floors and then add tables on each floor. It is also possible to name floors and tables accordingly.

Any customers wanting to change their tables after placing an order can do so with ease. It doesn't create a problem in the system. With a click of a button, the order is transferred to the new table.

Order Management: To place an order the staff just clicks on the respective table, which opens up the main PoS interface. Enter the order details as required by the customers. Multiple orders can be placed simultaneously using the POS app. It is simple to shift between orders without any hassle.

Billing Options: Odoo POS is completely user-friendly in terms of payment management. It gives you the option of cash, credit card, and check payment. It also allows for other payment options to be added like UPI, debit card, etc. POS generates invoices for customers and also allows for split payments.

Bill printing: You can print a bill before payment is made. With the Restaurant POS software, you can let your kitchens be ready for orders by sending out details directly to the kitchen printers.

Tips: Most customers like to tip the waiters for efficient service. The Odoo Point of Sale app has a 'Tip' option to enter the amount the customer wishes to tip the staff. This gets added to the order amount and processed with payment.

Notes: Many restaurants today are conscious of food allergies, food sensitivities, as well as religious choices. The Odoo PO - Restaurant Software S gives you the option to enter notes in a specific order. This is conveyed to the kitchen staff, who can prepare food with utmost care.

As you can see, Odoo is a comprehensive application for any restaurant to run its business with ease. With the added advantage of integrating apps, it gives you a robust system to work with. The efficient functioning of your restaurant happens with easy steps.

So, implement Odoo for your restaurant and get it going in the right direction. The best way to do this is to outsource it to an experienced team of developers. Odoo partner companies are the right choice as they are trained and will guide you well. The expertise they have in developing the software and integrating it with other appropriate apps is highly beneficial.

Why AppsComp?

AppsComp Widgets Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience as a software and service provider. As an Odoo partner company, we have implemented Odoo for our customers with success. Understanding the user's needs and delivering the right product is our benchmark.

Turn your business into a success with our help. We provide you with information on how Odoo POS can drive up sales and build your brand.

Our team of experienced Odoo implementation services will help you understand the module better. With training provided to your staff, you will be able to start transacting in no time.

So, get in touch with us at [email protected] and unleash the potential of Odoo POS for your business.