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May 17, 2022
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Odoo Project Management

Odoo Project Management

Odoo Project Management

As Project Managers, you work around strict deadlines to reach your goals. The challenges you face could include communication failures, dynamic settings, etc. Project Management is a crucial step that businesses adopt to overcome these problems.

What is Odoo?

Odoo (On-Demand Open Object) is one such open-source technology that has gained prominence. It is a suite of software tools for the business management that cover accounting, e-commerce, billing, warehouse, CRM, project management, etc.

The Odoo ERP Software modules are a fantastic array of business solutions that are easy to use and efficient. A business of any size can profit from the Odoo ERP  implementation as there are modules for every budget. As a start-up business, this is perfect, as you can choose modules that are most important and build on them at a later stage. Another great advantage of Odoo implementation services is the possibility of App integration.

Odoo's Project Management app strengthens business operations with the knowledge and expertise to manage your projects.

Let's look at some of the features that make Odoo Project Management tick:

Modern Interface:
  • With a modern interface, you can easily organize, schedule, plan, and analyze your projects to fulfill the company goals. Use filters and groups to get information at the click of a button. The options for multi-level grouping, large screen view, and smart filters are crucial to getting immediate results.
  • The mobile-friendly app lets you work on the go and give you more freedom. Customize the app to make it unique to your team.
  • The Kanban view is customizable and lets you drag and drop tasks. You can name and group tasks by the deadline and stages.
  • Check for deadlines with the calendar view and remind managers of approaching timelines.
  • Divide large projects into sub-projects and micro-manage these efficiently.
  • Use the Gnatt chart view to track project deadlines.
  • Analyze projects using various charts and reports, including pivot tables.
Customer Care:
  • Use the email integration feature to communicate with customers. Send attachments and documents along with the emails to substantiate your claims.
  • Define automatic email systems to send emails across for features like ticket confirmation, surveys, etc.
  • Create an email alias for every project. It automatically alerts tasks to concerned personnel. Track your communication with these tickets.
  • The chat feature lets you connect with your clients on a real-time basis and answer their queries.
  • A timesheet app as a Chrome plugin gives you the option to track your project tasks.
  • Check forecasts for project deadlines using the Gnatt chart. It lets you predict the timeline for projects taking into consideration employee leaves. A realistic timeline will help you plan your project budget accordingly.
  • Keep customers happy by working on feedback given by them. Send them rating surveys on a periodic basis and receive feedback to improve on your business strategy.
Sales and Invoices:
  • Manage your projects based on fixed price or time. You can then create invoices automatically at two stages - at starting point or at validation point.
  • Keep at track of your project tasks that begin at sales.
  • Use the reporting engine to create a well-defined dashboard. Get detailed reports on sales, costs, revenue, timelines, forecasts, etc.
  • Use analytic reports to understand and study your projects. Refine your project tasks or timelines based on these studies.
  • The app gives you all information at the click of a button. Get reports on rates, billable hours, time spent, and time forecasted for projects.
Added features of Odoo Project Management app:

As Odoo ERP Implementation is a system of integrating apps, the Project Management app works with the Accounting and Expenses module.

The Accounting app automatically lets you create invoices. You can set this for every task or timesheet. It cuts down on the manual work of accounting and free up time for other decision making.

Check your expenses down the last Rupee with the Expenses module. It also lets you reinvoice in batches.

Google Docs integration helps you with managing your documents and plans. It is easy to send documents to concerned personnel or customers when needed.

Why Choose AppsComp?

AppsComp is an Odoo Partner company with an experienced team of developers. Our global clientele has had tremendous success with our software and services.

We understand your business needs and guide you in selecting the correct Odoo modules for your business. We provide you with cost-effective methods to boost your business, so you are right on track with your budget. Make your project management system robust with the Odoo integration.

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