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Odoo Inventory Management for Warehouses

With every industry going online, warehouses are also finding the prospect exciting. Managing the warehouse activities on a manual scale is not easy. Software applications give a boost to warehouse productivity.

Odoo is one of the best cloud-based software today. It is a suite of open-sourced business apps suitable for all your business needs. The wide array of apps - each dedicated to one aspect of a business process, make it a popular choice. The fundamental functionality of this software is its ability to integrate all the apps seamlessly.

You can select any number of the available apps from the Odoo suite to suit your business needs. The ability to add new functionality to your business software whenever needed is fantastic. Odoo has apps for Finances, Sales, Inventory, Marketing, HR, Websites, Services, and Productivity.

Odoo Inventory Management App is a powerful resource for any warehouse. It works for businesses with a few thousand operations to various transactions. Manage inventory and products with ease. It also helps you manage your vendors and purchase flows.

Let's understand the Inventory module better.


Using the Odoo Inventory App, your first step is to create a product. You can define a product name and type. Product types are of two categories - Storable and Consumable. You can choose Storable when tracking stock is important for your business. It lets you know how many units are still in stock. It also gives forecasted values. Select Consumable when you don't need to track stock but only want to include it in receipts.


The Warehouse option is where products are stored. You can have a single warehouse or multiple ones for different locations, companies, etc. To define a Warehouse, you can set the warehouse name, short name, and address. The short name is just a five-character long name used in documents.


Location is the most important component of the Warehouse management App. It gives the precise location of where each product is stored. There are several Location types to choose from:

  • Vendor location - details of your supplier's location from where stock is received.
  • View - parent location for all products
  • Internal location - location of products in stock internally. It can have a hierarchical structure to give the accurate location of every product
  • Customer location - details of customers' location for delivery
  • Inventory loss - location of scrap or lost products
  • Production - location of products used for manufacturing or consumption
  • Transit location - location of products on transit (quality check, packing, shipping)


These are operations for transferring goods from one location to the other. The types are Receipt, Delivery, and Internal Transfer.

Putaway Rules

It defines the correct location for products received directly from shipments. You can define these for a single product or product category.


Generate reports for current inventory or a specific date. You can also get forecasted inventory information. It helps you stay ahead of problems and satisfy your clients' demands. The app gives you graph and grid views to understand your inventory better. Another report that you can generate is the Inventory Valuation report, giving you the value of products in the inventory.

Product Moves

Product Moves shows you the journey of every product that has entered the inventory. It is a way to keep track of every movement of a product.

So clearly, Odoo Inventory Management App is a powerful instrument for any warehouse. With the mutiple options to choose from, it helps a business prosper. Implementing Odoo for your business is a smart move. So, take the next step and give your business that edge today.

Your next step would be to get in touch with a software implementor and customize Odoo for your business.

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