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Choose WooCommerce as your e-store builder

For your business to grow and expand, it is integral to be a part of the online world. Start an e-store to showcase your brand and its products to customers worldwide.

To build your e-store, you need an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. Some of these platforms are hosted, while others are self-hosted applications.

Let's see why WooCommerce is the right choice for building your e-store.

In a nutshell

WooCommerce's reliability and flexibility give it a thumbs-up from all types of business. It has a responsive design theme, is SEO friendly, and is one of the leading eCommerce website building applications. Several built-in features make it easy for customers to decide. You can customize your design and make the process unique to your business. Creating a stunning storefront is easy with WooCommerce and cost-effective too. Using the added benefits like payment gateways, inventory management, tax calculation, and so on, you create a powerful eCommerce site for your business.

How do you start?

To increase sales and brand awareness, build an engaging eCommerce store. It helps convert a casual visitor into a potential and loyal customer. WordPress and WooCommerce give you that edge to create a revenue-generating e-store. Here are some points for you to look into:

  • Create an attractive theme. Catch the attention of your visitors and help them engage and explore your products and brand. With several different themes available in WordPress, it is easy to build your e-store quickly.
  • Customize all the way. Using WooCommerce, editing is easy and recommended. Change the homepage layout, and add customized buttons and Call-to-Actions.
  • Create Blogs. Users visit web pages to gather information. Most companies now create a Blog section to build interest in their products. This content usually pertains to the brand and its related products. A visitor can easily get converted into a customer by finding exciting information on a blog. Use the blog to add links to the checkout page to increase sales.
  • Define your products. Always categorize products to help conversion. Product attributes like name, color, size, pattern, dimension, and weight give users detailed information about a product. It helps in decision-making and faster sales.

Advantages of WooCommerce

WooCommerce helps businesses sell products faster and increases customer satisfaction due to its functionality.

  • Payment gateway options. Woocommerce has pre-installed payment gateway options that allow secure payments via Stripe and Paypal. It also gives users the option of paying through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and Cash On Delivery.
  • Geolocation support. You may not be able to deliver all your products to every location. Use the geolocation check to show customers only those deliverable products to their area. The customer's IP address gives WooCommerce this very useful information.
  • Set up shipping rates. Be hassle-free by setting up your shipping rates depending on the shipment area. Offer free shipping or a set rate for product categories.
  • Easy tax calculation. Set up tax rates, and WooCommerce helps you calculate taxes easily. It frees up a lot of your time and energy.
  • In-built Inventory Management. Track your stock and manage inventory with ease. Get notification of low stock, generate reports for products in stock, refunds, etc.
  • Order Management. Manage orders through the in-built Order Management system of WooCommerce. It helps you track order details, edit stock, check shipped items, etc.
  • SEO-friendly. WooCommerce, being a part of WordPress, is extremely SEO friendly. So, use the plug-ins and features of WooCommerce to help rank your e-store higher in SERP. Organic traffic is the best way to achieve consistent results and sales.

Now that you know WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform, take the next step to your business success. Building an eCommerce site may not be that easy, especially if you do not have a software team. It's not an economical option for start-ups either.

As WooCommerce has several plug-ins and extensions that can be adapted to your business needs, get in touch with a WooCommerce developer to build your online store. Developers can write custom code and customize extensions to optimal use. It also frees up your time for other essential business decisions.

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