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Odoo’s Point-of-Sale Software for Retail Stores

Odoo is the number one choice for software implementation today. With its open-source concept, the advantages offered to enterprises are immense. Constant updations and innovations in its software mean you are always a step ahead of your competition. Odoo's community of developers creates plug-ins to cater to every need of an enterprise.

Odoo offers various modules for an enterprise. It includes modules for Finance, Sales, Marketing, Inventory, HR, Websites, and Services. Under Sales are apps for CRM, Sales, Point-of-Sale, Subscriptions, and Rental.

So, if you are looking to digitize your retail store or restaurant, the Odoo Point-of-Sale (POS) app is the choice for you. With Odoo apps, you also get the benefit of the integration of modules.

Running a restaurant or a retail store is tough. There are tons of things to take care of apart from customers. Managing the inventory, sales, and accounting can be time-consuming, and single errors can compound and crash the system. Using a POS system helps with all the tasks associated with running a retail outlet. As inventory and accounting integrate easily with the POS system, you can safely run your business without hassles. Analytics is a bonus that you get with Odoo apps. It lets you understand your customers' behavior and the running of your business to make changes needed for success.

Retail Outlets

Your storefront is the main area of your business. For the smooth running of your storefront, monitoring stock and inventory is essential. With Odoo POS, real-time monitoring of stock is easy. You can easily manage inventory hassle-free, even when you have stores in multiple locations. It leads to effective daily sales and payment collections. POS also gives you the option to have multiple cashier accounts and monitor the cash flows in each.

Store management also includes keeping an eye on the order history. You can search for any information based on customers, cashiers, dates, or even products. Odoo POS goes even further to help you manage your franchisee outlets with ease. You can overview each franchisee's sales and manage inventory through a central process.

Restaurants & Bars

Odoo POS also caters to restaurants and bars. The restaurant management system of Odoo POS is efficient and easy to use. You can digitally map your restaurant floor plan to assign tables, change the floor plan, etc. It helps you to check the seating capacity at a particular time which goes a long way in customer satisfaction as customers are not kept waiting for a table.

POS also helps manage the interaction between the kitchen and front. You can send the order to the bar or the kitchen via printers. As soon as the kitchen staff receives the order, they can start preparing the food immediately. There is no delay in service and customers are happy. It is now possible to add your customer's preferences in the order so that the kitchen staff is well aware in advance.

What more does Odoo offer?

The checkout counter is the most critical spot in a retail outlet. It is where customers finally pay for the items they have purchased. The POS app allows you to set discounts for single products or the entire order placed. It helps build customer satisfaction which is a critical element for brand building. Another method of increasing brand awareness and customer base is through promotions and campaigns. The Odoo POS helps you advertise these on the printed receipts.

Another benefit of Odoo POS is organizing products based on hierarchy, popularity, etc. The built-in search function of POS is so elaborate that it helps you quickly find products by barcodes, categories, descriptions, or names. The dynamic barcode option in Odoo POS lets you embed the price, weight, and any discount information. It helps in quick checkout and satisfied customers.

The integrated nature of Odoo apps means as soon as you sell a product the system registers it and updates the inventory information to management. This information is updated for invoicing and sales simultaneously - keeping the business running smoothly.

What's your next step?

Implementing Odoo Point-of-Sale is easy with the help of software service providers trained in Odoo. So, get in touch with an Odoo partner today to help implement Odoo POS for your enterprise. This change will make a difference to your organization's success.

AppsComp is an Odoo partner capable of handling and implementing Odoo POS applications for you. Our team of trained developers can guide you through the process of implementation and smooth transition.

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