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Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Do you have a business website and use digital marketing tools, or are you hoping to enter the digital world to increase sales? Then this is something you need to know.

Having a business website and using social media to increase brand awareness is not the end of your digital marketing campaign. Building a reputation online for your business is crucial as it controls how customers see your business.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a method to promote and manage business reputation through a mix of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing, and online customer relations strategies. It deals with the negative responses or comments that surface online that may tarnish the business' reputation.

You can monitor your online reputation using strategies in some key areas.

Owned media:

Owned media is the content that your business owns. It can be your business website, blog, webinars, or podcasts. Monitoring the information put across these sites will help you keep your business in check. Customers request information and hope to get answers quickly. So, this is the best chance you have to build your brand image. Have a Live Chat option on your website and answer queries as they arise. Don't keep your customers waiting! It leads to building brand loyalty and customer referrals.

A blog or webinar is the best place to correct any misinformation or negative comment that may have come across on other social media sites. It is a place for you to clear doubts and provide customers with your version of events. Placing the brand and product first is the best way forward. It builds integrity and keeps customers loyal.

Earned media:

Earned media helps your business's reputation without any cost incurred. It could be through forums, press coverages, external articles, and review sites. These are places where you need to be extra vigilant and check any posts or reviews about your company or products. Bad reviews can be damaging to the image of a company. It is best to respond immediately and provide relevant answers.

Paid media:

Advertisements are a great way to push your brand online. It helps to drive the focus on your enterprise and the benefits of your products. Social media campaigns and paid advertisements bring in customers and sales. Competitors can also use paid media to tarnish your company's image. So be on the lookout for such competitors and repair any damage immediately.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

  1. Increase in customers - By monitoring your business online, you are sure your brand image stays positive. Customers who engage with your brand online are the ones who refer friends and relatives to your site, increasing sales. It increases the customer base giving you better revenue. You have to earn customer loyalty. So, keeping track of your online reputation through various media is a crucial element.
  2. Increase ranking in SERP - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps raise the website ranking on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP). With ORM, your local SEO ranking increases and gives you better exposure on search engine websites. Search engines keep track of activity on your websites, and positive activities lead to better results.
  3. Improves branding - When customers find your brand upholds integrity, they stay loyal and help increase sales. Branding your products is easy when the online reputation is intact.

So, with Online Reputation Management, you can maintain a good standard for your company and brand. Increase your customer base with loyal customers who refer your brand and increase sales.

How do you start?

It may not be possible for you to go ahead and start an Online Reputation Management strategy without guidance. Knowledge of SEO, Content, Branding, Email, Social, and Mobile Marketing requires some experience. A smart way would be to enlist the services of a digital marketing firm.

As ORM is a mix of digital marketing, SEO, and other cross-channel marketing, it is advisable to use the services of software and service implementors. With a sound base, you can then monitor your site and other media with ease.

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