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April 19, 2022
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Marketing with Odoo

Odoo is a fantastic integrated network of apps, making it easy to run a business. If you are looking at productive ways to market your brand and its products, then choose Odoo as a solution. With everything from website creation to social media campaigns, Odoo offers features and functionalities to manage your marketing strategies.

Odoo Website

Create a professional website for your business using the Odoo Website Builder. Select from several website design themes and templates or create your own template with HTML structure. With just a few clicks you can change themes and choose one that suits your business needs.

Share your website link on your social media platforms and help customers get a feel of your brand. Using the Link Tracker you can get the number of clicks to your website through this marketing channel.

Integrate with Odoo Apps

As Odoo has an integrated nature, your website can be integrated with the other apps from Odoo. This gives you a much larger marketing scope. Using the power of social media and the Internet, you can boost your business and showcase your brand to many more customers. Here are some ways in which Odoo Apps can be integrated with the Website.

  • Blog: Every website today has a blog attached to it that gives a customer more information related to the products. It can be a knowledge base where customers come to understand related information. Articles posted in the blogs should be precise and informative. It can lead to sales when customers find the website and brand authentic.
  • E-commerce: The best way forward for any business is to have an online store. Using the E-commerce app, you can create a store for online purchases, increasing sales and customer base. With secure payment gateways and multiple payment options, customers are sure to frequent your E-commerce store. So choosing the Odoo integrated app is a good choice for all businesses.
  • CRM: Building customer relationship is the next step in business success. So, information related to potential customers, visitors, and loyal ones is crucial. Analysis of this information leads to a better understanding of a customers' wants. With Odoo CRM, this process is simplified.

Once you have your website and use the integrated apps from Odoo, you can start marketing your brand through Odoo Marketing Apps.

Email Marketing

Creating emails for marketing purposes is as simple as 1-2-3. With the pre-existing templates and themes, your work is made easier and quicker. You can design newsletters and customize the email content. Use the options like headers, footers, images, CTAs, links to websites, and social media content. A link tracker helps you track the performance of these emails.

Save your email templates to reuse for future email marketing campaigns. By importing contacts you can create mailing lists for quicker output. With Odoo you also have the option to schedule the sending of emails. Keep customers happy with an opt-out option and track the performance of the campaigns. With the integrated feature you can analyze expected revenue, conversion rate, etc.

Social Marketing

Make the most of your social media presence through Odoo's Social Marketing app. Send posts or schedule them for later on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The app has a central dashboard that lets you monitor all your accounts, streams, insights, etc. It is a perfect way to engage with your customer base and community.

Odoo lets you create fully integrated campaigns like emails, SMS, push notifications, and posts. Tracking your campaign's results is also possible through the number of clicks, revenue generated, leads created, and sales.

SMS Marketing

SMS is also a quick and efficient way to engage with customers. It reaches more customers and so increases your business network. With Odoo SMS Marketing you can create customer lists and send SMS or schedule a date and time for Odoo to automatically send them. Here too, keep your customers happy with an Opt-out option included in the messages. Odoo helps you track the performance of your campaigns giving you details such as the number of undelivered SMSs, click rate, revenue generated, etc.

Now that you know how Odoo's Social Marketing module helps you boost your business, it's time to get started on it. There are various extensions and integrated modules in Odoo that can increase your business. Understanding each of these requires time and effort.

We at AppsComp, have implemented Odoo for various clients and helped them build their online presence. So, give us a call or email us at hello@appscomp.com, and we will get back to you.