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8 Services offered by a Virtual Assistant

The term Virtual Assistant has lately gained immense popularity. With the pandemic and the work-from-home environment creeping into business everywhere, Virtual Assistants (VAs) are much in demand.

So, who is a Virtual Assistant, and what is their job profile? Is this a person you need to hire? Will it bring success to your business?

Let's understand VAs better and the tasks they can do.

A virtual assistant works independently and remotely. They assist in administrative, marketing, social media, and other tasks of a business. The goal here is to hire someone who can do the mundane jobs and free up time for owners and managers to focus on business growth and development.

Since the VA works remotely, they are not dependent on your office timings. They can work part-time, full-time. or based on your work requirements. The flexible nature of a VA's work makes them so popular.

One of the most common benefits of hiring a VA is reducing costs. Keeping an in-house employee requires a dedicated office space, overhead charges, employee-related expenses, etc. With a VA, you automatically cut down on all these expenses and only pay for the services provided.

A Virtual Assistant provides excellent services and is highly reliable. Business experts feel they can depend on their VAs for all administrative jobs. Once you find the right Virtual Assistant, your workload reduces considerably, and you can focus on building your business.

Here we list out eight tasks a Virtual Assistant can do:

  1. Calendar Management: As a business person, you know that managing your calendar is a challenge. Virtual Assistants make your life much simpler by managing the tasks perfectly.

    • Schedule calls and appointment
    • Confirm appointments
    • Send reminders about the day's events.
    • Reschedule appointments
    • Send 'out-of-town' messages.
  2. Email Communications: We know the number of emails that a business gets can be overwhelming. Some of these may be crucial, while some may be junk. Having someone daily sort through this list saves managers hours.

    • Screen emails and sort them
    • Reply to necessary emails.
    • Forward or flag emails to the concerned department or person
    • Create contact lists
    • Update information to the contact list
    • Organize CRM system
  3. Phone Communications: A Virtual Assistant can be a remote receptionist handling calls and managing clients.

    • Answering calls and providing information
    • Transcribing voicemails
    • Available on-call after office hours
  4. Business Management: A Virtual Assistant is usually qualified to take care of the administrative jobs of a business.

    • Creating reports
    • Creating forms, faxes, drafts
    • Excel-based tasks like MACROs
    • Market research for sales
    • Database management for sales and lead generation
    • Simple banking duties
  5. Travel Management: As a business person, you may need to travel to different locations regularly. A VA can help you with the booking and related tasks and make your work easier.

    • Screen flights and hotels to give you a list of choices
    • Book flights and hotel accommodation
    • Book transportation services
    • Arrange for events at the destination
  6. Accounting help: Simple accounting jobs can get monotonous. A Virtual Assistant is a perfect choice for this job.

    • Maintain books of account.
    • Create and send invoices to clients.
    • Manage the accounts receivable process.
  7. Social media management: With social media playing a huge role in the increase in sales, it is crucial to give it due care. A Virtual Assistant can handle all the aspects of brand marketing campaigns for your business.

    • Create and handle your social media business accounts.
    • Create, upload, and schedule posts on all social media platforms.
    • Create brochures, newsletters, and press releases
    • Create infographics.
    • Maintain blogs.
    • Respond to customer queries.
    • Engage with customers to increase brand awareness.
    • Handle Online Reputation Management
  8. SEO and Digital Marketing: A professional Virtual Assistant who understands SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing strategies will be able to take your business to the next level.

    • Create landing pages
    • Perform keyword searches
    • Perform blog analysis
    • Create an SEO strategy and write content accordingly
    • Google Analytics
    • Email marketing

Your next step is to get a Virtual Assistant.

Looking for the right Virtual Assistant can be a task. So the best way would be to contact a service provider. Virtual Assistant companies hire trained and professional Virtual Assistants.

With a background check done, they can start working with you immediately. It frees you from the burden of interviewing and narrowing down hundreds of prospects. As Service providers have many VAs under them, changing a VA, if required, is quick and effortless.

AppsComp has professional Virtual Assistants to make your life much easier. We set up the right individual to meet all your business needs.

So, drop us a line at hello@appscomp.com.