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Why choose WordPress for your Business Website

Are you looking to expand your business online? The best way to go about it is to build a business website and drive traffic to your brand.

A business website helps increase customer base and loyalty.

With the prevalent business environment due to the pandemic, it is easy to see why going online is the right way for all enterprises. Customers are no longer flocking to brick-and-mortar stores to look at wares. The internet and social media have taken up space in everyone's lives. Customers are always looking for fresh new content, and brands go viral in no time due to their "Like & Share" power.

Creating a website, though, is not an easy task. With Content Management Systems, you can build websites using their in-built tools. You then need a good hosting service to host your website on the internet. Maintaining the website is something that will take time and attention regularly.

So, what is the way out for your business enterprise?

WordPress is a popular Content Management System to create a unique website for your business. It has in-built plug-ins and themes to suit all needs. The popularity of WordPress over the years is due to its simplicity and community of developers. Whatever your business type, WordPress has the right tools to create a unique website.

Let's look at some of the reasons why you would choose WordPress.

Open Source Software

WordPress is open-source software which is the main reason for its popularity. The freedom to create newer tools and plug-ins keeps WordPress updated and flexible. You will always find better tools to help you build the best website. WordPress has a vast community of developers that create secure tools to make your website safe to use.

Myriad of themes and plug-ins

With WordPress, you get a range of themes and plug-ins to suit your needs. Themes are templates for the design and look of your website. You can alter these accordingly and make them unique. Plug-ins add functionality, so you can do a lot more than only create static websites. There are thousands of themes and plug-ins on WordPress, making it most attractive to developers.

Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of building a business website is to increase awareness of your brand and build a strong customer base. It is not possible to do so without SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO helps drive traffic to your website by ranking it higher on search engines like Google, Bing, etc., creating interest in your brand. Search engines look for keywords in the content posted on your website and rank them accordingly. The higher ranking your website gets, the higher are the chances customers will click the website link. In WordPress, there are several plug-ins like YoastSEO, The SEO Framework, All in One SEO Pack, etc., that are powerful tools for optimization.

Security checks

The central concern for any business organization going online is security. All functionality on WordPress aims at higher security levels at all times. The best way to keep your website secure is to update it with the latest from WordPress. Using a hosting service with a high level of security measures works in your favor.

Ownership rights

A website needs a hosting platform to host it on the internet. Being tied to a single hosting platform can be a problem for some. With WordPress, you can choose and switch between hosting platforms with ease. You get full ownership of the content you create on WordPress, and you can make any changes to it anytime.

Create blogs

Any website needs a good blog to help with SEO. WordPress offers a robust platform for blogging. It is easy to publish content, edit content, categorize blogs, and manage comments. Using WordPress editor and the built-in page layouts, you can create attractive blogs for your website. Customers need engaging content, and WordPress helps you achieve that with ease.

As you can see, WordPress is your choice for website development. With its compatible features, any business can benefit from using WordPress.

Now that you know the features of WordPress, the next step would be to get in touch with a software service provider.

AppsComp is a premium software and service provider with global clients. We have created several unique websites with WordPress as its base. Our team of developers creates unique WordPress plug-ins to suit your specific business needs. We handle all security and content updations to keep your website running smoothly.

So, get in touch with us, and our team will help build your dream business website!