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December 1, 2021
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December 9, 2021

Top 6 Virtual Assistant Skills – to the rescue!

Are you looking at the possibility of hiring a Virtual Assistant for your organization? Do you want to delve deeper into understanding who a Virtual Assitant is and what they will deliver?

Let's look at some scenarios where a Virtual Assistant may be of great value to the organization:

  • Need extra help : As your enterprise expands, so does the workload. Having an extra hand goes a long way in handling difficult situations. A Virtual Assistant is perfect for taking care of mundane administrative work. It frees you up to concentrate on crucial decision-making tasks.
  • Need to save on operational costs : Whether you are a start-up or an expanding business, cutting costs often results in better revenue. One of the best ways to cut down operational costs is to hire a freelance Virtual Assistant and save on employee benefits.
  • Need more time for business operations : Taking care of the day-to-day business activities will eat into the time required for crucial operation decisions. With the extra time on hand, after hiring a Virtual Assistant, you can innovate, brainstorm new ideas and develop your products. The result is most certainly a better sales outcome!
  • Need help after office hours : Many clients and customers need help and support after general office hours. You may lose business if you cannot cater to their needs in time. Having a Virtual Assistant available 24/7 keeps your clients happy. Even an initial conversation with a client goes a long way in establishing rapport and loyalty.
  • Need to build social media presence : Maintaining a social media presence for your business can be a time-consuming affair. Updates and replies to customer queries can take up a lot of your time. A Virtual Assitant makes life much easier by handling the social media space for you.

So, if you find yourself in any of these situations, it may be time to think of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Let's give you an idea of what a Virtual Assistant is capable of doing and what they can bring to the table:

  1. OFFICE AUTOMATION SKILLS : One of the basic skills that all Virtual Assistants have is word processing. It includes data entry, typing, and MS Office skills. MS Excel experience is a must for most Virtual Assistants with MACRO creation a bonus. Speed is not the only criteria here, but accuracy too. Virtual Assistants take on the administrative tasks and handle them with ease.
  2. COMMUNICATION SKILLS : Another role that all Virtual Assistants play is a remote receptionist. Handling calls at all times helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. Screening important calls for business heads is also a time-saving task. As Virtual Assistants are the first line of communication with your clients/customers, solving simple queries or scheduling meetings single-handedly is good for business.
  3. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION : Not only speaking to clients and customers, written communication is of utmost importance in any business. Emailing is by far the chief method of formal communication. Writing that perfect email is not so easy. Virtual Assistants train in written communication skills. Crisp and engaging content helps you clinch the right deals, and a Virtual Assistant takes care of this.
  4. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS : An experienced Virtual Assistant can also be handy in data collection, research, and analysis tasks. Understanding customer trends and behavior is crucial for building the right products and services. Analysis of customer data is a tested approach to product innovation. Virtual Assistants can use their time to research changes and features. Report generation is also one of the jobs undertaken.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT : All Virtual Assistants are well-versed in handling social media platforms. From creating posts and campaigns to answering customer queries, they can increase your business presence online. Scheduling relevant posts on all social media platforms give your business a global reach.
  6. BLOG POSTS : Every business website today has a blog. Writing engaging content for these blogs is a job of a Virtual Assistant. They use SEO keywords so that your website gets the needed push on search engine ranking lists.

AppsComp to the rescue!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant may be a tricky job. There are several trained and experienced professionals in the market today. Your best bet is to outsource this and use a service provider's assistance.

AppsComp has trained Virtual Assistants with years of experience in different fields. We help you decide on the right candidate by considering your business needs. As a premier service provider, we review all our candidates regularly and only provide you with the best.

So, get in touch with us and try our adept Virtual Assistants today.