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November 25, 2021
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'To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.'

Doug Conant

Every successful organization across the globe has the backbone of a satisfied workforce. When employees feel challenged and motivated to work, it reflects in the outcome. Human Resources is thus vital to any enterprise. Taking care of your employees should be a top priority.

Though most organizations have a dedicated HR team, a software support system is also required. HR management software, in general, takes care of the Employee database, attendance, leaves, expenses, etc. You input all the details and get required reports daily, weekly, or monthly. This system has seen a drastic change over the years. With modern technology and the internet taking over, the latest HR management software is now cloud-based.

Odoo Human Resources software is the best among cloud-based systems. It is perfect for small-to-medium enterprises that have modernized or are just starting up. As Odoo is a suite of business modules you can fully integrate, it makes it easy for enterprises to scale their business needs. Having all processes online and quick to access is the key to Odoo's success. Several businesses have made the change to Odoo and found it to be the best.

Let's look at the features of the Odoo HR module that make it a top choice among organizations.

  • Profile creation - Create profiles for all your employees that include all necessary data in one place. It helps to manage employee information and keep track of any changes at the click of a button.
  • In-depth employee data - For full-time or contract employees, easily place all information in one place. You can keep track of their status, schedule, and other data.
  • Create restrictive views - Keep sensitive information accessible to only HR managers. You can allow access to general information to all employees of a department.
  • Create timesheets - It is easy to create weekly/monthly timesheets to check your employees' progress on specific projects. This information could be crucial for remuneration for contractual employees.
  • Attendance - Every employee has an entry and exit option to check in to work. Logging in online helps track the hours spent. You can create the attendance sheet for each month and track all attendance reports required.
  • Leave tracking - One of the crucial HR features is the management of leaves and the resulting pay structure. With the Odoo HR module, you can keep track of employees' leaves, manage the yearly holiday list, manage Special leaves. Employees can place their requests, and managers choose to approve or decline them. It is then automatically updated in the calendar.
  • Integrate with Odoo Recruitment module - You can use the Recruitment module and directly add candidates to the HR module. It saves time and effort and maintains consistency. All details of the candidate get automatically updated in the database and are accessible from anywhere.
  • Alert messages - A fast and effective way to keep track of all processes is through alert messages. It can be for leave applications, appraisals, etc.
  • Expense management - The employee expense data is easy to manage with Odoo HR. Employees submit their expense sheets and managers approve or decline them based on review. The calculated expenses automatically get integrated with the Odoo Accounting module.
  • Appraisal management - You can automate the entire appraisal system by creating forms and questionnaires for employees to fill in. These then get checked quickly to give managers an overview of the evaluations. Setup calendar dates for these appraisals so that employees do not miss out on the procedure.
  • Communication & Inspiration - Get employees to collaborate through live chats. They can share information, knowledge, and other documents to build the team. Let employees be a part of challenges and goals that are rewarding. Use the interface to showcase your employee's or team's performances.

There's a lot that the Odoo HR module can do for your organization. Having a single platform to manage all employee data is the best part of implementing the Odoo HR module. Maintaining consistent data reflects on the success of the organization. Coordinating with managers and decision-makers becomes effortless.

AppsComp Team

Managing to implement the Odoo HR module for your organization may be a difficult one. We at AppsComp, are experienced software and service providers with years of experience. We have successfully implemented Odoo modules for various organizations across the globe.

Our dedicated team helps you understand Odoo and guides you through the processes. We give your HR team complete training after the implementation process. So, do get in touch with us to fast-track your business.