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Odoo and its Modules

Enterprises need to grow and expand to sustain themselves in this competitive world. From start-ups to large conglomerates, every business sees changes in its structure and processes from time to time.

Technology today has helped millions of enterprises globally to achieve success, and software keeps changing to keep up with the demands of the industry. From on-site installations to Cloud installations, the software industry has advanced tremendously.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is one such open-source technology that has gained prominence. It is a suite of software tools for the business management that cover accounting, e-commerce, billing, warehouse, CRM, project management, etc.

The Odoo modules are a fantastic array of business solutions that are easy to use and efficient. A business of any size can profit from the Odoo implementation as there are modules for every budget. As a start-up business, this is perfect, as you can choose modules that are most important and build on them at a later stage. Another great advantage of Odoo implementation is the possibility of App integration.

Odoo Modules

Let's give you an overview of some of the top Odoo modules for business management:

  • Odoo Accounting : Save time by synchronizing your activities with your bank, managing your bills and expenses, and creating professional invoices while tracking payments. The module creates balance sheets, cash flows, and earnings reports. You can integrate the Accounting module with other modules like Expenses, Inventory, Point of Sale, and Sales.
  • Odoo eCommerce : Create stunning websites for your business effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can showcase your inventory. Add color, style and let your products do the talking. The ready-to-use themes are also a quick way to get professional-looking unique websites. Optimize your marketing through cross-selling and suggested products lists. You can integrate the eCommerce module with Website, Blogs, Sales, and Email Marketing.
  • Odoo CRM : The user interface on Odoo CRM has a better overview of all sales transactions. Organize and schedule all activities under Opportunities. A clear address book with options to have multiple addresses and contacts for a single customer is advantageous for client management. Creating campaigns for lead generation and acquisition is effortless. You can easily integrate all your sales channels like Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, CRM, Inventory, and Sales.
  • Odoo POS : With the Point of Sale module, real-time monitoring of stock and checking inventory in all your locations is possible with ease. You can keep track of your daily sales and monitor the cash flows. Prioritize the products into categories and provide variants based on color, size, dimensions, weight, etc. The option of cash, credit card, UPI, debit card, and check payment is available for customers. The POS interface is perfect for restauranters as it visually gives you a feel of the environment. The graphical editor lets you assign orders to tables, understand the floor space, and track table availability. Let your kitchens be ready for orders by sending our details directly to the kitchen printers.
  • Odoo Human Resources : Create profiles for all your employees that include all necessary data in one place. Keep sensitive information accessible to only HR managers. You can allow access to general information to all employees of a department. It is easy to create weekly/monthly timesheets to check your employees' progress on specific projects. You can do the attendance sheet for each month and track all attendance reports required.
  • Odoo Project : Project planning and management are much more efficient with the Project module. Forecasting and scheduling teams for each project are effortless. Using the visual interface to your advantage helps you improve team collaboration. Your project team can communicate using quick notes, file-sharing options, and even live chat. The Project module integrates with Sales, Invoicing, Sign, and Email Marketing.
  • Odoo Marketing : Build your brand image with the Marketing module. Create engaging posts to be sent directly or scheduled for a later date. Monitor your social media accounts through streams and get insights into your customers' likes and dislikes. With the option of Live Chat requests, you can engage with your customer and answer queries in real-time.

How can AppsComp help you?

AppsComp is an Odoo Partner company with an experienced team of developers. Our global clientele has had tremendous success with our software and services.

We understand your business needs and help you through the transition process. Our team will guide you in selecting the correct Odoo modules for your business. We provide you with cost-effective methods to boost your business so that you are right on track with your budget.

Get in touch with us today for a demo. Email us at for more details.