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Get help! Hire a Virtual Assistant

Do you feel bogged down with mundane administrative work when you should be concentrating on the more innovative tasks? Do you wonder if hiring some help will lessen the burden and free up valuable time for you? Then you are in the right place. We give you a rundown on Virtual Assistants and how they are a practical and worthwhile investment for all organizations. Whether you are a Small or Medium enterprise, hiring a Virtual Assistant will be the best thing you do.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a person who does remote work for an organization. This work can include several tasks that usually come under the administrative department. They are not a full-time employee of the organization. Virtual Assistants can also do specific tasks needed by an enterprise.

What do they offer?

Let's list out some of the jobs that a Virtual Assistant can do:

  • Administrative tasks : A Virtual Assistant can take on all the administrative assignments of an organization. They work in place of a receptionist doing jobs like
    1. Answering phone calls
    2. Data entry
    3. Scheduling meetings, appointments, etc
    4. Travel arrangements
    5. Creating to-do lists
    6. MS Office tasks(documents, spreadsheets, presentations)
    7. MS Excel Macro creation
  • Content creation : Blogs are a great way to increase traffic to a website. Business websites put out blogs to focus on the products they are selling. To maintain this blog, you need to have articles written regularly. It boosts traffic to the website through search engine optimization. Virtual Assistants are perfect for content creation. You can assign the entire blog-handling task to them - writing articles, finding images, and uploading the blogs regularly.
  • Finance tasks : For a small business, taking care of purchases, budgeting, and keeping track of expenses can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. It frees you from the day-to-day activities of finance but keeps you on track concerning taxes.
  • Social Media Management : One of the top reasons for hiring a Virtual Assistant is social media management. As most customers are online and use social media as their preferred mode of communication, businesses find it beneficial to invest in a solid social media management plan. Virtual Assistants come in handy for this purpose. Apart from creating content for social media, they can also engage with customers and potential leads. Statistical analysis reports generated can also help you understand the market trends.
  • Customer service : Just as an on-site receptionist takes care of your customers, a Virtual Assitant does so remotely. The advantage of hiring a VA for this purpose is their flexible work hours. An on-site receptionist can only handle calls during office hours, whereas a VA can answer calls and handle queries beyond office hours. This way, you do not lose out on potential clients.
  • Email management: Emails form a prominent part of communication for businesses. Writing the perfect email to a client can be daunting. Regular email correspondence is a time-consuming and mundane activity easily outsourced to a VA. They can
    1. Organize your inbox
    2. Sift through daily emails and escalate important ones
    3. Reply to general emails and do follow-ups
    4. Carry out marketing campaigns

What to keep in mind before hiring a VA?

Having gone through the list of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do, it will be encouraging to hire one. Let's also give you some more points to ponder over before you take the next step:

  • Communicating with a remote VA can be done through various channels. Choose something that works best for both. WhatsApp, emails are some options, but a more efficient choice would be using communication tools available online. These include Slack, Asana, Chanty, etc. It is easy to use and lets you share files and assign tasks.
  • The positive result of hiring a Virtual Assistant is the saving. As they are not part of the organization, you save on employee benefits and other overheads. Virtual Assistants are much cheaper to hire and produce better results. They are work-driven and deliver high-quality work at all times.

Where to look for a Virtual Assistant?

There are many Virtual Assistant services available online. Individual VA's post their availability through various online job sites. There are service providers who hire Virtual Assistants for organizations. So there is no lack of Virtual Assistants today. The only issue you may face is the credibility issue. Knowing you have picked the right person for the job can be intimidating.

In this scenario, hiring a service provider is always a better option.

AppsComp is one such service provider with years of experience in the industry. We have well-trained Virtual Assistants who can start from day one. Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with the best Virtual Assistant for your business.