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November 18, 2021
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December 1, 2021

Unleash the potential of Odoo POS

The future of business apps is in open-source technology, and Odoo stands out as the best. It is a suite of apps that take care of every business need. From e-Commerce, CRM, billing, manufacturing, accounting, project management, inventory management, and warehouse, Odoo has an app. The best part about Odoo is you can fully integrate the individual modules to best suit your business.

One of the popular Odoo Apps is the Odoo Point-of-Sale. It is perfect for shops and restaurants that need a user-friendly sales operation management system. With a quick setup option and numerous features, Odoo POS is the choice of many. The bonus here is the system works offline as well after the initial setup.

So, if you are a retail business owner, having a shop or a restaurant, then Odoo POS is best for you. For shop owners, having the Odoo POS app is a one-stop solution to all retail transactions. It helps to manage products and customers efficiently. Payment and checkout options are customer-friendly. With these effective interfaces, it becomes effortless for you to handle the business. For restaurant owners, the Odoo POS is a boon due to its graphical interface.

There is a lot that POS offers a retail business. Let's give you a clear idea of what Odoo POS can do for your business.

  • Store Management With Odoo POS managing your stock is effortless. Real-time monitoring of stock and checking inventory in all your locations is possible with ease. Details of order history with search options are part of the app. You can keep track of your daily sales and monitor the cash flows. Having multiple cashier accounts is beneficial in most organizations. Odoo provides for this feature too.
  • Products Management Odoo offers a wide range of features to help you with product management. It helps to prioritize the products into categories and provide variants based on color, size, dimensions, weight, etc. It is also possible to have multiple barcodes for the same product.
  • Payment System Odoo POS is completely user-friendly in terms of payment management. It gives you the option of cash, credit card, and check payment. It also allows for other payment options to be added like UPI, debit card, etc. POS generates invoices for customers and also allows for split payments.
  • Checkout options With Odoo POS, it is possible to offer customers discounts at checkout time. Promote your business through receipts printed out on checkout.
  • Customer Care Keep customers happy and increase loyalty with an easy registration process. Odoo POS allows you to offer discounts to registered customers. Create loyalty points that customers can redeem for discounts or gifts. POS is a top choice for customer satisfaction as well as increasing the customer base.
  • For Restauranters The POS interface is perfect for restauranters as it visually gives you a feel of the environment. The graphical editor lets you assign orders to tables, understand the floor space, and track table availability. Let your kitchens be ready for orders by sending our details directly to the kitchen printers.

There is a lot that Odoo POS can do for your retail business. Set it up in minutes, and you are good to go! When integrated with other Odoo apps like Odoo Inventory and Odoo eCommerce, it makes your business a dream. It is compatible with any hardware so, you can use a tablet, laptop, desktop, or industrial machine for your transactions.

How to implement Odoo POS?

The next step for your business would be to implement Odoo POS. The best option is to contact a service provider with experience in Odoo implementation. There are several software providers in the market, and researching about them is worth the effort.

Once you zero in on the right provider, you need to figure out which modules of the Odoo suite are beneficial for your business. The right software and service provider will guide you through this process honestly.

Why AppsComp

AppsComp Widgets Pvt. Ltd. has 5+ years of experience as a software and service provider. We have been implementing Odoo for our customers with success. Understanding the user's needs and delivering the right product is our benchmark.

Turn your business into a success with our help. We provide you with information on how Odoo POS can drive up sales and build your brand.

Our team of experienced Odoo implementers will help you understand the module better. With training provided to your staff, you will be able to start transacting in no time.

So, get in touch with us and unleash the potential of Odoo POS for your business.