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November 10, 2021
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Automate with Odoo CRM Software

Customer relationship is a central feature for all organizations across the globe. Businesses today strive towards achieving better customer relationships through analysis, marketing, sales, and support.

Automation of these processes has brought about a positive change in the industry. With automation comes the added benefit of analysis. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process that uses analysis to study its interactions with customers. It leads to a better understanding of its present customers and their needs. Retaining customers and forecasting trends is an advantage of CRM.

Benefits for customers

The idea of a CRM process is to merge the benefits for a business and its customers. So first, let's have a look at the benefits of CRM on customers:

  1. Customer Service: With a CRM process in place, you can efficiently address customer queries and concerns.
  2. One-to-one Service: You can provide personalized services to customers and get a better understanding of their preferences.
  3. Marketing strategies: Customized marketing is a benefit to businesses. Based on the needs of customers, specific marketing strategies help target specific audiences. Customizing products cater to the needs of the customer.

Search engines play a huge role in consumer research. They help to give consumers answers to queries quickly and efficiently. Using search engines as part of marketing is a foolproof way to build a customer base. Metrics from these marketing techniques help businesses better understand consumer needs and trends.

With these benefits, it is no wonder that CRM is taken seriously by most organizations. A happy customer leads to better sales and an increased customer base.

Why Odoo CRM?

There are several CRM software available in the market that offers the best strategies. The latest in these is the Odoo CRM software which is fast becoming the most preferred CRM software.

Let's see why Odoo has gained such prominence in the industry.

Odoo is a suite of software tools that can include e-commerce, CRM, accounting, warehouse, project management, manufacturing, billing, and inventory management. The benefit of implementing Odoo is the cohesive approach to a solution. Replacing several software applications with a single efficient one increases revenue and sales.

Odoo CRM software integrates easily with other modules, and it saves on time and cost for an organization. Taking your business to the next step is effortless with Odoo. Keeping your teams united and tracking every business decision saves a lot of time. The growth potential with Odoo CRM is unlimited.

Here are some of the features of Odoo CRM that will help you decide on making the switch:

  • Quicker interface to fast sales : The user interface on Odoo CRM has a better overview of all sales transactions. With just a few clicks, you can generate leads and send quotations across.
  • Opportunities : Organize and schedule all activities under Opportunities. With a drag & drop interface, it is easy to work faster. Each opportunity can be sub-divided for better organization. Scheduling and planning ahead help you take care of the important activities first. With Odoo, you get all information related to an opportunity in one place.
  • Customer Details : The ease of managing customer details is high with Odoo CRM. A clear address book with options to have multiple addresses and contacts for a single customer is advantageous. It is easy to also put in customer preferences like delivery methods and financial info. A history of all activities associated with a customer is a handy tool in many cases.
  • Leads : Creating campaigns for lead generation as well as the acquisition is effortless with Odoo. Live-Chat and Call-to-action options help you convert visitors into leads quickly.
  • Communication : Send email communications to the right opportunity automatically. With templates, it is easy to send general information to sets of customers.
  • Integration : Odoo CRM works efficiently with other modules in the Odoo sphere. Easily integrate all your sales channels like Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, and CRM. Integrating the Inventory and Sales modules helps through the entire process of sales. Use Odoo's marketing apps to boost your lead acquisition.

Why AppsComp

The advantages of Odoo CRM reflect instantly on your business. It may seem like an arduous task to understand the plethora of information related to Odoo. Here is where a software service provider comes in place.

AppsComp's competent team of developers is proficient in Odoo implementation. They have extensive experience working with clients to transform their business into an integrated one. Our global clientele has seen great success in their business as a result of using Odoo CRM.

We give you a clear understanding of how Odoo can change your business model. You can customize Odoo according to your business needs. Once you choose the various apps, we create an integrated solution that is quick to launch and implement.

AppsComp helps with implementation and problem-solving at all levels. Our dedicated team is available for queries and help with business solutions. So, get in touch with us today and scale higher!