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September 22, 2021
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October 7, 2021

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Remote work is gaining momentum in this pandemic era like never before. Businesses are seeing the potential of hiring employees on a temporary or contractual basis. It includes a cost-effective solution to escalating office rent, full-time salaries, etc. Technology has now made it possible to work from home or any remote location and provide workable solutions efficiently.

One of the remote jobs that are now quite popular is Virtual Assistant. It is similar to the permanent Receptionist position in an organization. Businesses have realized the power of Remote jobs as they end up paying a person for only productive time. On average, costs reduce by about 50% using remote personnel.

Virtual assistants are your receptionists at home. Remote work helps the person work to their optimum, which in turn increases your ROI. It is part of the virtual assistant's profile to handle calls, manage emails and answer client queries. Knowledge of Office software is also a plus that helps with most remote work. Report generation is an important job that every virtual assistant must know.

Does your business need a Virtual Assistant?

Have you downsized your business due to the pandemic or other reasons, or are just starting up and don't have a sizable capital, hiring remote personnel is a good choice. Businesses usually need a receptionist for daily activities. So replacing one with a Virtual Assistant is perfect for cost-saving. They help handle customer queries and take care of incoming calls. Dealing with clients and customers and managing a large volume of calls every day is not easy for a business owner. A virtual assistant is a vital employee to keep your customers and clients happy.

It is easy to see that a Virtual Assistant is needed by most businesses today. With their knowledge of handling clients and ability to deal with daily reports, most virtual assistants are excellent at their jobs. Hiring an experienced virtual assistant frees you from the time and expense of training a new candidate.

Tasks of a Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant is productive in many ways. Here are some of the many tasks that a Virtual Assistant does:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Screening and transferring important calls
  • Solving simple queries of clients
  • Relaying messages across
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Data collection
  • Research and analysis
  • MSExcel related tasks ( MACROS, reports)
  • Office automation tasks
  • Emailing (sending, replying)
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Customer support
  • Report generation
  • General recruitment
  • Social Media management
  • Blog management

Pros of a Virtual Assistant

Apart from the exhaustive list above that clearly shows virtual assistants' importance, here are some pros that work for the advantage of your business.

Customer Satisfaction

An in-house receptionist is the face of the organization. You may be worried about this aspect in terms of a Virtual Assistant. But, with most businesses now transacting over the internet or online, the in-house receptionist is redundant. Remote work is good if someone can answer calls and satisfy the queries of a customer efficiently. The personal touch of a Virtual assistant is apt for the success of a business.

Stretchable business hours

Virtual assistants give your business the added advantage of stretchable business hours. It helps to have someone at the end of the line to speak to customers at any time. As virtual assistants get paid for productive time, their hours are not limited to office time. This flexibility gives your business a greater chance of success.


Working around a solution to your cost-cutting problems does not always mean lowering your business-standard. Instead of paying a full salary to an in-house receptionist, hiring a remote assistant makes more sense. You end up reducing your overhead cost like electricity, office supplies, etc.

How can AppsComp help you?

AppsComp is a premier software and service provider with over 30 clients in various fields. Our dedicated team has serviced varied clients all over the globe. For your virtual assistant needs, we have trained personnel that can take care of your business needs. With minimum-to-no training required, our virtual assistants can start work immediately.

As a global company, we follow corporate standards and check for skills before hiring our personnel. It ensures you get a cost-effective and efficient person and gives you the chance to focus on more important matters.

Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with our trained virtual assistants with these skills:

  • Communication and Writing (English & Local language)
  • Word Processing
  • MS Excel and other computer skills
  • Discipline

Be assured of our quality service and commitment to bringing you only the best.