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September 22, 2021

How does Odoo implementation help a business?

Businesses worldwide use software applications in some form or the other to manage their workflows. Most business centers have seen a growth in their sales and ROI after implementing software like ERP, CRM, Product Information Management, etc. It has helped businesses stay ahead of the competition. The software used increases productivity and growth.

That sounds great. But, companies have found that business software needs something more. These applications provide solutions to only specific problems. The drawback here is you have a non-integrated software solution. So, data repeats across platforms which could lead to inconsistencies and errors. Repetition of data isn't good long term. It reduces productivity and increases the chances of human errors.

With most companies going online for business purposes, having consistent and integral data is the key to success. Customers from anywhere across the globe should have information at the click of a button. This information should ideally be up-to-date.

How do you go about fulfilling your customer needs?

Companies are always on the lookout for better technology that will help streamline their workflows and, in turn, increase their ROI. We see a tremendous shift in software technology that impacts business across the globe. Making the most of the digital world is the best way to move forward. Software solutions in terms of apps are the new-age problem-solving gadgets that companies rely on today.

Are you keen on entering a new era of business technology?

If your business suffers because of a myriad of unrelated software, then Odoo is the answer to your problems. Odoo is a suite of software tools that can include e-commerce, CRM, accounting, warehouse, project management, manufacturing, billing, and inventory management. So, if your business uses any of this software independently, then merging them all into a cohesive unit is a better solution. Many companies have reaped the benefits by replacing ten different apps with one Odoo implementation and recorded increased revenue overnight.

Some more benefits of Odoo

Another reason why Odoo is doing so well is its cost-effectiveness. The integrated concept of Odoo helps to bring down the cost of added software and maintenance. Since it is modular in structure, you can choose as few or as many individual apps as you like to suit your business needs. It works for start-ups who slowly but steadily rise to greater heights. Adding more apps into the integrated system is very easy and convenient with Odoo implementation.

What do you get?

Expand your integrated app as your business grows. With Odoo, you get
  • Website apps for building your business website, eCommerce, blogs, and forums.
  • Sales apps like CRM, Subscriptions, Point-of-sale
  • Finance apps like invoicing, accounting, expenses
  • Inventory & Manufacturing apps like PLM, purchases, quality & maintenance
  • HR apps like Recruitment, appraisals, referrals
  • Marketing apps like email marketing, social marketing, SMS marketing, surveys
  • Services apps like project, helpdesk, planning, appointments

With the use of Odoo, you can keep track of your data from anywhere with centralized, online information. The open-source nature of Odoo lowers your software cost while providing you with an up-to-date application. Improvements to the software happen regularly, and this reflects in the solutions you implement. Clients have used Odoo to their advantage and seen a drastic change.

SMEs and Enterprise business clients find Odoo suitable as it reduces the implementation time and cost. Businesses use it as a stand-alone application or as an integrated feature. There are many business modules to choose from that will meet your requirement.

Too much info?

From a client's point of view, understanding Odoo's vast array of apps can be overwhelming. Knowing which module is suitable and which isn't can be a dilemma. Do not be hassled with all the software lingo.

If all this information excites you as a businessperson, taking the next step would be beneficial. Getting in touch with a software service team is the right choice to make.

AppsComp to your rescue

Our team at AppsComp is capable of giving you a clear understanding of how Odoo can change your business model. We have a trained team of developers with vast experience in Odoo implementation. Our global clientele has seen great success in their business as a result of using Odoo.

We can customize Odoo according to your business needs. Once you choose the various apps, we create an integrated solution that is quick to launch and implement. Businesses that have an ERP system can integrate it easily. AppsComp helps with implementation and problem-solving. Our dedicated team is available for queries and help with business solutions.

Feel free to contact us and get your business on the right track.