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September 22, 2021
Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?
October 7, 2021

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With the pandemic hitting us in early 2020, many businesses made changes to their organizational structure. The pandemic also resulted in many jobs lost, especially those that seemed menial. The upside of the Covid situation is the revival of remote work. It is work that is done not from the office premises but remotely. It can be your home, another city, or any other location.

Remote work is now considered normal. With a simple laptop/desktop and a mobile phone, remote work is taking over the world like never before. Efficient employees are looking for satisfaction in their jobs through online remote work. It is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer.

Online work has led to many new positions in organizations. One of them is the remote receptionist or virtual assistant position.

A virtual assistant is just like a receptionist in an office. The difference here is the person works remotely. So, handling calls, sending and managing emails, taking messages are all part of the job. The virtual assistant is also tech-savvy to an extent and is proficient with office software applications. Knowledge of MsExcel is required in most cases as businesses use it regularly.

Who needs a Virtual Assistant?

Most small businesses benefit from the use of virtual assistants. They help handle customer queries and take care of incoming calls. Most small-to-medium organizations are in their initial stage of growth. Dealing with clients and customers is very important here. Handling a large volume of calls every day is not easy for the business owner. A virtual assistant is a much-needed employee to keep customers and clients happy.

Larger organizations also find virtual assistants a boon as they take off a chunk of the daily activity burden. It frees up time for Managers, Sr. Managers, and Directors to spend on important business. When administrative duties get delegated to virtual assistants, these higher-level officers can focus on business issues and innovation.

Tasks of a Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant is productive in many ways. Here are some of the many tasks that a Virtual Assistant does:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Screening and transferring important calls
  • Solving simple queries of clients
  • Relaying messages across
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Data collection
  • Research and analysis
  • MSExcel related tasks ( MACROS, reports)
  • Office automation tasks
  • Emailing (sending, replying)
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Customer support
  • Report generation
  • General recruitment
  • Social Media management
  • Blog management

What are the benefits of Virtual Assistants?

So, looking at the tasks that a virtual assistant can do shows they are a bonus to the organization. Let's have a look at why Virtual Assistants are needed and how they are beneficial.

Customer Satisfaction

Even though a virtual assistant works remotely, they are the face of the organization, so-to-speak. Connecting with the customer, even in these times, is key to building a great organization. Success for a business relies heavily on the satisfaction of the customer. Virtual assistants provide that personal touch with a professional feel so that calls get due attention.

Flexible working hours

With an in-house receptionist, you have to deal with time constraints. Clients and customers can call up at any time of the day and expect responses to their queries. Having a virtual assistant handle calls outside of business hours is quite helpful in this case.

Save money

Having a full-time receptionist means having to pay a full salary along with other overhead costs. Remote assistants charge much less and do most of the work. It also means that overhead costs of electricity, office supplies reduce. Saving money here is beneficial for any business, especially the ones that are in their growing stages.

How can AppsComp help you?

AppsComp is a premier software and service provider with over 30 clients in various fields. Our global clientele has satisfactorily enjoyed the services of our dedicated team. We have trained virtual assistants to help you with your business needs. With minimum-to-no training required, our virtual assistants can start immediately. We assure you of complete satisfaction through our team as we select the best of the best.

In our endeavor to provide you with cost-effective and efficient Virtual Assistants, we do a thorough check for basic skills before hiring. It means you can free yourself to focus on your business decisions.

Our virtual assistants have these basic skills:

  • Communication and Writing (English & Local language)
  • Word Processing
  • MS Excel and other computer skills
  • Discipline

So, get in touch with us, and we will choose the best Virtual assistant to help you out with your business.