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  • Our experience in deploying cloud infrastructure puts us on the map of preferred companies for cloud computing using AWS. Our engineers have decades of experience in cloud computing all put together.

    We work closely with customers understanding their requirements first, come up with a High-Level architecture next, and then help migrate their applications to the cloud. Our engineers continuously monitor the health of the servers/applications and keep customers notified of the same.

    Once on board the cloud environment we work hand-in-hand with customers. We help them to lower costs as well as take advantage of all the tools available to seamlessly run their businesses.

  • We help customers migrate their applications to the cloud helping them reduce cost and increase security without having to compromise their business processes. Migrating to the cloud helps organizations manage costs efficiently. The cloud gives customers advantage to turn off and turn on resources in real-time based on need.

    We work closely with customers to help identify the applications and servers that can be migrated to the cloud. We understand the criticality of the applications and recommend suitable options that will help optimize their business.

    We implement AWS Identity and Access Management – IAM to ensure that strict security protocols are followed and security of the applications is not compromised. User permissions are managed at a granular level to ensure that there is no breach of access. Implementation of AWS Identity and Access Management is PCI DSS compliant and supports processing, storage and transmission of sensitive payment information by a payment service provider.

  • AppsComp’s team of experts understand organisations’ pain points and addresses them in a way to reduce Turn-Around Time and increase productivity. Our Workflow solutions help Enterprises to map the entire organization’s workflow/order lifecycle right from Order placement to Order fulfilment.

    The range of Enterprise software solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning tools, Customer Relationship Management tools, Business Analytical tools, Workflow Management tools etc.,

    A good Enterprise software is one that covers all the verticals of a business and connects them to one central point with access controls at multiple levels. Users should only see information that it relevant to them and not everything which is not of relevance to them.

    Customized dashboards are of significance to Top Management so that all information is available in one screen and helps them take decisions based on how the organization is performing. A dynamic dashboard helps improve productivity and decrease wasted resource costs.

  • AppsComp specialises in Web Portal Development for all kinds of industries. Having a customized web portal for any business is key. We understand that each business is unique and different from each other. Hence, a common web solution is not the answer to run a successful business. We specialise in the following:

    • B2B Web Portal
    • B2C Web Portal
    • eCommerce Portal
  • Fleet management is a daunting task if not managed well. Organizations could be losing money and time on transport issues. Our GPS/GPRS satellite service can help locate and monitor remote targets using GPRS. Real-time vehicle tracking can be done using web browsers and mobile application. The vehicle management solution helps in:

    • Tracking vehicles geographically anytime from anywhere.
    • Tracking the route map of a vehicle right from start to finish of a journey.
    • Real-time speed monitoring of a vehicle. Controlling fuel and vehicle theft.
    • Establishing geo fence for a vehicle and providing alerts whenever the vehicle is off the set path.
    • Maintaining vehicle records.
    • Providing alerts on maintenance schedules, insurance dues, fitness checks etc.,
    • Optimizing vehicle utilization, trip planning, trip allotment etc.,

    A variety of reports can be generated from the system which includes driver performance report, vehicle-wise location report, idle time report, trip report, over-speed report and many more.

  • The talk of the tech world today is Internet of Things (IoT). We at AppsComp are into it as well as and have taken the first step by trying to automate and connect our vehicle tracking devices to be able to communicate with each other. Soon this would revolutionize the way the current vehicle tracking solutions are working.

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