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  • Our experience in deploying cloud infrastructure puts us on the map of preferred companies for cloud computing using AWS. Our engineers have decades of experience in cloud computing all put together.

    We work closely with customers understanding their requirements first, come up with a High-Level architecture next, and then help migrate their applications to the cloud. Our engineers continuously monitor the health of the servers/applications and keep customers notified of the same.

    Once on board the cloud environment we work hand-in-hand with customers. We help them to lower costs as well as take advantage of all the tools available to seamlessly run their businesses.

  • The lifeline of any business is enquiries. If not tracked appropriately, then the indirect business loss is beyond compare. Hence, we decided that Enquiry is the first step to success and created a module to manage your contacts, track lead progression, make note of deal information, and monitor status of enquiries etc.,

  • Scrap the email and switch to Document Management Systems for open and transparent communication between you and your customer.

    Document management system plays a crucial role in organizing and tracking the exchange of documents and communication related to a project/enquiry between the customer and the organization. A transparent Document Management System improves time to shipment as well as helps avoid wastage of effort and resources. With strong workflows in places, customers and the organization can be sure of what was approved thereby reducing the cycle time.

    Our DMS helps production & quality teams to delivery great products all the time. Communication related to a project is tracked all the way until the final product/service is delivered.

  • An efficient Quote Management System is rated on how quick an enquiry can be converted into a lead. With in-built product hierarchy, quotes can be quickly generated by the marketing team as well as requote them if necessary and bring business to the table at the earliest by reducing the turn around time.

  • Production Management helps in proficiently managing production of any orders and shipping them out on time with back tracking and linkage to enquiry and document management modules. A full-fledged production management module will ensure that it addresses all stage of production right from Raw Material procurement, machining, processing, shipping, and inventory from a micro level.

    Organizations should be able to track the movement of goods from one department to another seamlessly if they have want to turn around their orders within the stipulated time. Simple interfaces are important

  • If converting an enquiry to order is important, then fulfilling the same is even more important. Organizations should be able to track each order seamlessly so that they reach customers as committed. Our Order Management module helps prioritize orders based on demand and customer requirements. In-built progress bars help identify the various stages of work that has been completed for a particular order thereby helping to identify areas that need attention

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