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Our Services

  • A mobile application helps increase revenue of a business. A good mobile application should be built keeping the business in mind and using the latest technologies.

    AppsComp has significant experience in developing mobile applications for both Apple and Android platforms. Our team of experts have great expertise in developing UI/UX for Mobile Applications.

    Understanding the market and business logic is key while developing a mobile application. The application should be able to grow and shrink based on user demand. We at AppsComp understand what it takes to build a great Mobile App. We build both Cross Platform and Hybrid Apps. We help integrate the Mobile App with back-end systems, user authorization logic, business logic, and data services.

  • Almost every organization has an eCommerce Web application these days; however, only a few have a great eCommerce Web application. Just like a mobile application, an eCommerce Website should be user friendly and dynamic to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

    A good eCommerce system should have a content management module integrated. Products should be added/removed/updated dynamically. While being dynamic, the eCommerce applications should have added levels of security to ensure protection from both internal and external threats.

    A great eCommerce website should be SEO friendly and easily searchable on the web. Being responsive in nature helps the website to adapt itself easily to different browsers and screens.

    Easy Navigation is key for any good website. Users should be able to find what they are looking for easily without having to scramble the website for the item they are looking for. Clean and simple User Interface and User Experience gives more priority to the products than the design and we at AppsComp understand it well.

    A good eCommerce website should have a simple and secure check out. Anything confusing will lead the shopper to abandon the shopping cart and head out to another eCommerce application. Also, significant space should be allocated for promoting popular products or ones that are on sale, which in turn will help generate interest and convert it to a sale. A relationship of related products should be maintained and displayed when customers are searching for a particular product. This helps sell more.

  • AppComp offers Infrastructure as a Service to customers looking at benefitting out of this service. Infrastructure as a Service is aimed at providing customers the ability to deploy and run applications on the cloud without having to manage or control the Infrastructure on which the applications run on.

    Infrastructure as a Service of IaaS from AppsComp helps customers host their websites without having to worry about the conventional web hosting methods, store and secure data without having to employ skilled staff, as well as deploy Web apps with easily scalability based on user demand.

  • Our in-house designers focus on both UI and UX as they both go hand in hand. A good website design should include the following:

    • Responsive Design
    • Mobile Adaptability & Compatibility
    • Quick Load Times
    • Easy Navigation
    • Great Error Handling
    • Non-flashy and less graphic content
    • Easy to use forms

    We understand all of the above and make sure that they all are incorporated when we design websites.


We focus on IT solutions that will help overcome problems faced by organizations. We help remove bottle necks that slow down ROI/Profitability.

  • Microsoft
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ionic
  • J2EE
  • Jquery
  • Angular Js
  • Node.js
  • ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • Bootstrap
  • PhoneGap

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